Sunday, August 22, 2010

Temporary Bunk Bed

The lower bunk is a standard twin

This was a quick two day project that made it possible for the four of us to sleep out of the dust at Burning Man. We knew we would eventually need eating space inside as well as sleeping space for two extras. But for the time being, a quick and dirty plywood bunk bed would fit the bill.

The materials are mainly 1/2" plywood and cheap 2x2's. The 2x2's served as corner connectors any time two pieces of plywood intersected at right angles.

A slant on the end walls allowed maximum height at the hall edge of the bed, while still cutting both ends out of a single piece of plywood. The pieces of plywood that became the sleeping platforms were strengthened by a 2x2 running under each long edge, with a side piece at least 6 inches high on each side for stiffness.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lopez Island

August 2 - 14, 2010
Secluded camping

  "Why did you buy an Airstream?" we are often asked. The Tin Pickle has given us far more pleasure than we ever planned or hoped for, but the underlying reason why we have it at all starts with Lopez Island.

This visit marks the first time we have slept on the land we've owned and walked on for over 25 years. The change of location feels different, but our home among the trees is cozy and restful.