Airstream Resources

We've used these personally, were pleased, and have no relationship with them other than satisfied customers.

  • Airforums  - An online community full of information, advice and opportunities to gather.
  • AM Solar  - We bought our panels & controller here - good stuff, and their installation kit is top notch and complete.
  • Best Converter - These folks carry RV electrical components.
  • Brunner Enterprises - They carry a wide variety of extruded aluminum profiles.
  •  These guys have a web site right out of 1998, but there's useful products and good prices here.  We've used the Blush Free epoxy, and the Aluthane - a nice moisture cured polyurethane  much like POR-15 - but cheaper.
  • Inland RV - Where we got our new axles, disc brakes and a replacement curved front corner window.
  • - These folks carry LEDs mounted on flexible tape - great for indirect lighting.  Also MR11 and MR16 12V bulbs for task lighting
  • New Toto - Discount upholstery fabric: somewhat limited patterns and quantities at deep discounts. Unfortunately, they've gone out of business.
  • Out-of-Doors Mart - For Airstream and general RV stuff.
  • TechShop -  Like a membership gym, but with tools.We've used the table saw, metal tube bender, industrial sewing machine, CNC embroidery machine, CNC computer programs, laser cutter and some of their assorted hand tools. Welding, sandblasting and other techniques may be in the Tin Pickles future.
  • Vintage Trailer Supply - Yes, you can still get replacement parts, even for 40 year old Airstreams. These folks also have rivets, air hammers, Cyclo polishers and other Airstream specialties.

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