Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Tin Pickle Travels

Where we went in the Tin Pickle in 2014, collected in one place.

Pinnacles National Park
Half Moon Bay State Beach...

We'll add the rest as we go.

Pinnacles National Park, California
Airforums Rally

We thought it would be a nice spot to camp with a few friends from the forum. So we started a thread and, before we knew it, we had nearly 30 trailers signed on.

Nearly 30 silver trailers just about filled the whole campground.
Our Saturday night potluck lasted well after dark.
The trail had some steep sections.

The view near the top explains why condors like the area.

Steps are carved into the rock on some places.

Condors have a wingspan over 9 feet. This is number 340.

Careful condor breeding programs are restoring the population.

Half Moon Bay State Beach, California
Our Sunday night spot was our favorite.
We took a weekend for R&R, leaving Friday after work and returning Monday morning. We had no agenda for the weekend except to read, relax and maybe get some practice on the tandem mountain bike we got (used) from Barbie's brother. Barbie drove the trailer both ways so that Bart could ride his motorcycle directly between work and the campground.

We rode the tandem all the way to that point in the distance.
The old rear tire gave out. Bart walked back for the truck.

We both used our UCD experience to make a speedy change to new tires and tubes.

Almost enough wind for a kite

Reading after a day of steady relaxation

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