Friday, October 12, 2012

Flamingo Flag

How do you get home to the right trailer when camping in a sea of silver?
How do you give someone directions so that they can stop by for a visit?

Home Sweet Pickled Flamingo
With a flag, of course.

Do you have a flag?

 It's not too difficult to make one. The hardest part can be finding or making an image that identifies the trailer as yours.

Our flamingo logo formed itself about a year ago, as the confluence of the retro feel we seemed to be getting with our progressive remodeling. The top hat hearkens back to an earlier, classier era of travel, the martini glass represents the relaxation that the Tin Pickle brings and the flamingo because...

...well, flamingos and Airstreams just go together, like campy and trailer camping.

Making it fly well and show from both sides took a bit of planning and some tricks of execution. Bear with me below for some tricks I learned along the way.