Monday, November 28, 2011

Rear Dinette and Bunk

It's tough to put a "finish" date on this, since there always seem to be a few loose ends to tidy up. This dinette had seats and cushions enough to for us to use in Death Valley in April, and to have its first guest at Casini a week later. We had the bunk bed ready for Alison to use at Burning Man in August while Brian used the bottom bunk. It wasn't until November that I finally got it looking sort of finished. And there are a few more possible improvements that may still show up.

Pullman style dining

On the right is the original gaucho. The construction is clever and lightweight. But the naugahyde was sloppy, the bed made it difficult to get to the bathroom when extended, and it wouldn't sleep our two adult children.

Also, with the main dinette area permanently taken up with our bed, we needed a place for our morning coffee and croissants. The finished design is modeled vaguely after a Pullman train sleeper car I had access to as a child.

The construction details developed as a response to the odd requirements of the space.